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Liliana Suero

Liliana Suero was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where her passion for learning and education began. She came to the United States at age 17 where she learned her second and third language and subsequently obtained a Bachelor of Arts in computer science. In 2006, she completed her master’s degree in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems at the University of North Texas.

Liliana has been an experienced and energetic bilingual educator for 21 years and has held positions as an instructional coach and area coordinator at the Dallas Independent School District. Liliana has developed a plethora of presentations and workshops to enrich, motivate and guide teachers and has delivered presentations on bilingual education and dual language programs at many national educational conferences.

Since 2013 Liliana has been with Istation, a Texas-based tech ed company. She began at Istation as the Spanish Manager of Curriculum Development and transitioned last year into the position of Instructional Design Director. Her primary role is to oversee the development of digital instruction to address critical reading (English and Spanish) and math skills.

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