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What is the age range for HOOT?

HOOT! is designed for young children who are pre-readers, emerging readers, and early readers. The age range is approximately two through eight but this may vary depending on your child’s ability and preferences.

Is the content on HOOT! screened for quality?

Every piece of content in our library is reviewed by licensed educators. Our professional team ensures that the content on HOOT! is safe for children and provides educational benefits.

Are there any ads or in-app purchases?

After creating an account, users will have access to a portion of the HOOT! book library for free without a subscription. For unlimited access to Hoot! content, parents can review options and purchase a subscription. Access to the subscription page requires parent passcode or biometric authentication and there are no other in-app purchases. We want parents and educators to feel comfortable allowing kids to use HOOT! without worrying about surprise purchases. Our subscription model allows us to keep predatory monetization practices out of our app.

Will there be more books added to HOOT?

Yes! Five to ten new books will be added to HOOT! each month.

Can I get HOOT! for my classroom?

HOOT! Is a great tool for the classroom.  To inquire about special volume pricing, please contact us at [email protected].

Are HOOT! Books available in Spanish?

HOOT! Books are not available in Spanish at this time but we have plans to add Spanish books in late 2021.

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