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Cindy Tan, M.Ed.

Cindy has over 13 years of experience in virtual, face to face and hybrid teaching experience, working with both children and adults She has worked with students to understand their learning capabilities and then design effective lesson plans that employ technology to enhance learning and achieve targeted competencies. Cindy has a master’s degree in Education with an emphasis on curriculum and instructional technology.

Why I Joined HOOT!

I joined HOOT! because of its vision: “To ignite the love for learning in children by providing them access to quality educator curated media.” As an educator, I truly believe that once you ignite the love for learning and reading in children, you have created the path to literacy and the love of reading. This will have a remarkable impact on a child’s development and literacy. This love of reading and learning once ignited will last a lifetime. I am so glad to join HOOT! in this journey to help ignite the love of learning in all children!

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