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Inspired by their father who struggled to read and learn, a pair of brothers with a heart for children created HOOT! to provide online books that speak to children who are underrepresented in early childhood and elementary publishing.

  • We all want to feel that we belong.  All too often children feel that they are to blame when something goes wrong, or that no one else shares their problem. Belonging increases feelings of well-being, safety and comfort, and can help them cope with feelings they may not understand.
  • Kids need to read stories relevant to them.  Unfortunately, many children do not have access to books that reflect their diverse communities, varied family structures and differing levels of ability.  Hearing stories about people that look, act, and feel like they do helps children understand their world and tackle the challenges they face.

When children see kids like themselves in HOOT! eBooks, this shared experience offers a sense of belonging. Belonging increases feelings of well-being, safety, and comfort, and can help them cope with feelings they may not understand.

Categories on the HOOT! reading app for kids

I Can Learn Anything

Inspirational stories about children with learning differences finding confidence, encouragement, and acceptance.

I Can Do Anything

Tales of differently abled people who don’t let physical challenges hold them back.

Feelings & Emotions

These stories help kids understand their emotions and reinforce appropriate ways to handle them.

People Like Me

We are all different from one another and that is wonderful. These stories celebrate our differences and why we should be proud of who we are.

History & Heroes

Stories of diverse men and women we can look to for inspiration and encouragement.

Math & Numbers

These stories reinforce counting, introduce math vocabulary words and explore the concept of word problems.

Science & Technology

Stories that cover a variety of scientific subjects, such as how weather works, the solar system, and how technology can help us in daily life.

Animals & Nature

Children love to explore the animal kingdom by reading about creatures of all kinds!

My Family

What makes a family? There are many different types of families but they are all built on a foundation of love and acceptance.


Just because . . . who doesn’t love fun?

Language Arts

These stories of varying difficulty cover everything from the alphabet, to more difficult language concepts such as idioms, similes, and metaphors.

Curated Educational E-books for Kids

Carla Hillman Ratcliff, B.S. M.S. , C.A.L.T. Elementary Level Montessori
  • Bachelor of Science ( B.S.) from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX; Master’s of Science (M. S. ) from University of Texas at Dallas, both degrees are in Speech / Language Pathology
  • Learning Therapist certificate from Southern Methodist University
  • Certified Academic Language Therapist (C.A.L.P.) through ALTA
  • Elementary Level Montessori Certificate

She has been in the education field since 1976. Educating children with Learning Differences. She has taught both in schools and privately since that time. Her last and longest teaching assignment was to serve the Lower School children at the June Shelton School and Evaluation Center in Dallas Texas for the last 25 years. She currently enjoys her family, genealogy research, and private therapy.

I joined HOOT to be a part of an innovative team who provides books for children with emphasis on Social Skills for social and emotional development.

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