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10 Book Publishing Statistics and Facts

Our team at HOOT! knows a thing a two about publishing books – so we put together a list of 15 important book publishing statistics and facts to know in 2021. After publishing more than 50 online children’s books in the past year so we have learned many lessons, plus studied all of the other data available!

2021 Book Publishing Statistics

  • Revenue from Adult non-fiction books has grown 22.8% in the last five years!
  • Self-published books increased by more than 40% between 2017 vs 2018 with 1.68 million books self-published in 2018!
  • Amazon sells about 60% of all books including more than 1.4 million self-published titles
  • 28% of adults report enjoying reading both print and digital versions of a book
  • Young adult and indie are two of the biggest growing sections in the book publishing industry
  • Ebooks, audiobooks and self publishing options have rocked the traditional publishing industry in the past 5 years that to new ways enter the book industry without a literary agent or traditional publisher
  • The biggest book market is now online – at Amazon and other app based options, digital publishing and online sales numbers have passed physical retail.
  • A printed book is not as popular today – thanks to soaling audiobook sales and devices like the Kindle and iPhone – both of which are great for reading an ebook
  • Digital publishing is perfect for children’s books – as they can integrated rich media like sound for a interactive experience
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