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As a child with dyslexia who found reading difficult and frustrating, Dr. James “Jim” Gentry longed to see others like himself represented in books. Seeing no one else who struggled made Jim feel he was alone with his problem. Recognizing this need in children’s educational publishing, his two adult sons created the HOOT! kids reading app to help all children feel accepted and important. While all kids ages 2 through 8 will love the app, HOOT! will be especially important for children who may find little in common with those they see represented in most books in the library or at the bookstore.


HOOT has assembled a team of education and business professionals who support our mission to provide high quality educational materials to children in underserved populations. Our advisors and mentors share our desire to foster a love of learning in these youngsters by helping them read engaging stories that are relevant to them.

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